Now you're talking
Time for
talk ...
Remember the days we met around the watercooler to have a chat with our colleagues? The times when ideas were generated during an elevator ride?
That was then?
So what is now?
the new way
to communicate
  • on- and offline
  • business and personal
  • individually and in a team
Now you're

Good conversations benefit your company. They connect people - creating team cohesion - stimulate social learning and spark ideas.

But they're no longer that easy to have when many of your employees are no longer tied to one place. And when they're attached - in all senses of the word - to screens big or small.

Sparker stimulates staff to engage in conversations that matter, whether they want to talk shop or shopping.
The best
of both worlds!
Online or offline? With Sparker you can have it both ways. It keeps everyone connected, so conversations and ideas can be exchanged and developed, both on- and offline.
It's all in the game
The use of the game elements drives participantion and motivation. From teaming up with colleagues, over introducing topics of conversation or adopting them, to exchanging ideas and setting up campaigns: every activity is awarded a score.
Adopt & adapt

Sparker is your 24/7 teambuilding tool.
The modular system allows you to customize and shape it so it perfectly fits your organisation. And with the monitoring options you can keep track of the social learning that is taking place.

your 24/7  
teambuilding tool

Using the best of technology and gamification techniques, Sparker helps you company:

  • stimulate communication, both about personal and business topics
  • generate and exchange ideas
  • monitoring social learning
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